When One Just Isn't Enough

Sometimes, knitting a sweater once is just not enough. The sweater pattern shown below is one of the simplest top-down raglan sweater patterns I have ever knitted. The pattern is my version of "Pink," a sweater on page 22 of Wendy Bernard's book, Custom Knits.


The brown and white sweater shows the beginning stages of the same pattern, in a different color.  I love 3/4 length sleeves, but the sweater could also have short or long sleeves, depending on one's preference.


Both sweaters were knitted (or are being knit) in Lion Brands Recycled Cotton Yarn on size US 8 needles.The pink sweater turned out to fit me perfectly, and because it was knitted in cotton yarn, it is very comfortable. It only took 5 balls of yarn to knit the sweater, which makes this a very affordable sweater, as well. 

Living in the Northern California climate means that I can wear this sweater all year round, which is a good thing, because when the yarn recently went on sale, I purchased enough in yellow, blue, and green to make three more sweaters!