Treasured Knitting Patterns

One of my favorite activities is looking through used books.  This started at an early age because my parents used to take us to a used book store to spend the money we earned from doing chores.  Now, I go to used book stores when I can, but I always try to attend the book sales sponsored by the Friends of the Library.  

My husband and I recently attended the Anniversary Sale from the Friends of the Library at Fort Mason in San Francisco.  Books ranged in price from $1 to $3, and there were thousands and thousands of books from which to choose.

I spent a lot of time in the needlecraft area -- I never know what I will find there.  One year, it was a collection of embroidery books in German.  Another year, it was an entire series of needlecraft magazines from the UK.  This year, I found a funny looking little box that  resembled a box of stationery.  I opened it up and saw that it was filled with pamphlet-sized pattern books.  There were twelve books in all, and they were all written by the same author, Betty Lampen.


I wasn't sure that I wanted to pay $1.00 each for the twelve books, but there was one book that I really wanted.  It was titled, "Patterns for Knitted Hats," and it is pictured above.  This book has cute patterns for knitted hats for infants and children and contains about 30 patterns in all.  I took the box to the check-out stand, and to my surprise and delight, this treasure box of patterns was only $1.00 -- for the whole box!

The other books are: Knitted Bears and Dolls, Purlie and her Friends (18 inch knitted dolls), Knitted Shoe Box Dolls, Miniature Sweaters, Stitches and her Friends (18 Inch knitted dolls), Miniature Pullovers, More Miniature Sweater Designs, Sweaters for Teddy Bears, Teddy Bear Knits, Best Dressed Teddy Bears, and Dolls and Animals.

I went online to learn more about the author and discovered that Betty Lampen has a website at:  It is possible to order these twelve books individually or together on her website.

I also found a link to an article about Betty which was titled, "86-Year-Old Entrepreneur sells 100,000 Knitting Books" at