My Quilt is not a Work of Art

My quilt is not a work of art. There are quilts that are museum quality. Mine is not one of them. 

I can't always afford the very best fabric, so I use what I can afford or what I have on hand. Though I try hard to be accurate, my seams are not all exactly one-fourth of an inch, and sometimes I cross over my own quilting lines by accident. 

I do the best job of which I am capable now. Today's quilt is better than yesterday's, but there is always room for improvement in making tomorrow's quilt. 

Some quilts are made with the expectation that they will be hung on a wall and will never need cleaning. Mine are made with the hope that they will be used every day, will be washed frequently and will eventually need replacement. 

A quilt takes time to make, and for me this is time taken away from daily life and devoted to thoughts of the quilt's recipient. That is why, even if I make an art quilt, it is not a work of art; it is a work of love.