Basic Knitted Stocking Hat (Free Pattern)

In the hot summer months, I tend to knit smaller projects.  Here is a free pattern that I designed for a basic knitted stocking hat.



Size 8 circular knitting needle, 16" in length.
4 ply knitting yarn (Use wool, acrylic or blend.  Cotton does not work well for this hat because it needs to be stretchy.)
A yarn needle for finishing.

Note: this hat is worked from the bottom edge up to the top.

Cast on 88 stitches loosely.
Being careful not to twist the stitches, join into a circle for working in the round.

Work in k2, p2 ribbing for approximately 60 rows.

Decrease pattern:

(k2 together, p2 together) across row.
k2 together across next row.


Thread the sewing needle with yarn and  put it through the remaining stitches at least two times.  Tie off on the inside of the hat.  Fold up the bottom edge of the hat about 1 1/4 inches.